EK Chain 520 SRX2 Chain

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EK Chain 520 SRX2 Chain

The EK SRX2 Series Chains feature QX-rings that far out perform any factory O-ring chain. Lab test have shown that QX-rings reduce friction by 40% allowing each chain to last up to 50% longer compared to a traditional O-ring chain. To keep rotating mass at a minimum, weight saving holes were drilled into every other chain link without compromising the chains strength. All of these properties combined leads to more horsepower delivered to the rear wheel and quicker throttle response.


  • Can be used for street, touring or dirt motorcycles
  • QX-ring
  • 40% less friction compared to an O-ring chain
  • Weight reducing holes
  • Compatible displacement: 750cc Street / 650cc Dirt
  • Weight per 100 links: 3.46 lbs
  • Tensile strength: 8500 lbs
  • Includes clip type master link

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